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6th Grade Ancient History

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Topics Covered
I.    Culture
II.   Stone Ages
III.  Mesopotamia
IV.   Ancient Egypt
V.    Ancient India
VI.   Ancient China
VII.  Ancient Greece
VIII. Ancient Rome

6th Grade Teachers
Siobhan Hannagan
Stacey Hilgendorf
James Wiegand
Lyndsey Wyman

7th Grade Introduction to American Studies

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Topics Covered
I.     Basic Map Skills and the Five Themes of Geography 
II.    Early European Exploration and Colonization 
III.   Causes of the American Revolution 
IV.   Battles of the American Revolution 
V.    The Declaration of Independence 
VI.   Dilemmas for the Early Government 
VII.  The Constitution of the United States 
VIII. The New Republic and Westward Expansion 
IX.   Causes of the American Civil War 
X.    The Civil War 
XI.   Reconstruction 

7th Grade Teachers
John Englishmen
David Griffith
Brian James
Joshua Wienstein

8th Grade

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Topics CoveredI.    The Ancient Americas, 500-1500II.   African Kingdoms and the Rise and Spread of Islam, 500-1500
III.  Middle Age China and Japanese Feudalism, 500-1500
IV.  The Fall of Rome and Rise of Byzantium (500-1450)
V.   New Europe: The Early Middle Ages, Spread of Christianity, and Feudalism (500-1000)
VI.  Conflict and Crusades: Europe's Political and Religious Unrest (700-1500)
VII. Changing Europe: The Revival of Trade and the Breakdown of Medieval Society (1000-1500) 
VIII. Introduction to the Renaissance (1300-1500)

8th Grade Teachers
Gina Beauchamp
Kathleen James
Mary Jo Sheahan

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