2016-17 Teams 

(bolded name in team list indicates team leader)

Team 6-1:
math:      S. Vicari
social studies:     L. Wyman
English:     B. Tobjy
reading and writing:     L. Carey
science:     K. Skinner

Team 6-2:
math:     K. Anderson
social studies:     S. Hannagan
English:     M. Schriener
reading and writing:     C. Anderson
science:   C. Clear  (Rosolie)

Team 6-3:
math:   N. Berkman
social studies:    J. Wiegand
English:     B. Hillman
reading and writing:     M. Mpakarakes
science:    M. Gillen

Team 7-1:
math:   M. Wilke
social studies:    J. Englishman
English:     E. Zinkgraf
reading and writing:     V. Bertoli
science:    L. Fitzgerald

Team 7-2:
math:     S. Andolino
social studies:    J. Weinstein
English:     J. Galdi
reading and writing:     N. Douglas
science:    D. Ricker

Team 7-3:
math:    L. Miller
social studies:    D. Griffith
English:     M. Churchwell
reading and writing:     S. Payerl
science:    K. Malloy

Team 8-1:
math:    A. Mroz
social studies:    K. James
English:     S. Wills
reading and writing:     M. Gibson
science:    R. Sudol

Team 8-2:
math:    J. Wall
social studies:    G. Beauchamp
English:     D. Dunleavy
reading and writing:     A. Hernandez
science:    P. Maas

Team 8-3:
math:   A. Pico
social studies:    M. Sheahan
English:     C. Kopas
reading and writing:    J. McCann
science:    M. Wilson

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