Volleyball Night

Our own version of "March Madness"...

Volleyball NightVolleyball Night at Brooklawn is an extremely competitive double-loss elimination volleyball tournament which involves students in all three grades on mixed teams.  There is a $5.00 per player entry fee, and the winning team gets TEN free admission tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure!  Proceeds become part of our overall donation to the NJASC State Charity.

Students put together their own teams, sometimes months in advance!  For nearly two decades, this has been one of the most exciting and anticipated events at Brooklawn each year.

To involve all students and make the teams competitive, the following registration rules are enforced:
  • Students may register individually, as a complete team of SEVEN players, or as a partial team. Individual registrants will be randomly assigned to complete partial teams or newly created teams with other individual registrants. They may also be assigned to teams that lose originally registered members. Registered teams will NOT be allowed to propose their own replacements.
  • Each registered team of seven players may have NO MORE THAN 4 BOYS OR GIRLS on it - therefore, it must contain either 4 boys - 3 girls or 4 girls - 3 boys. This guarantees that at least 2 boys and 2 girls will be part of the six players on the court for each game.
  • Each registered team of seven players must contain students from all three grades, and the grade levels of the seven registered team members must ADD TO BETWEEN 46 AND 52.
  • Once a team registers, it may not substitute or propose a replacement for any of the seven members originally registered. If for any reason an originally registered member drops out, he or she will be replaced by an individual registrant who is ASSIGNED to that team. Both the team and the individual registrant will have to live with the new assignment, and the entry fee is not refunded to the player who dropped out.
  • All seven team players will play in each game. There will be a seven player rotation, with six on the court and one on the sideline, that will rotate each time service is received/won.
  • Games will be announced when courts open up to play them. Any team that fails to take the court within five minutes of their game being announced will forfeit that game.
To make all games consistent, the following game play rules apply:
  • All games will use "Rally Scoring" and be 15 points to win with the margin of victory to be at least 2 points. Therefore, any game reaching a score of 14-14 will continue until one team goes ahead by 2 points. A “shutout rule” will instantly end any game reaching a score of 10-0.
  • A team may not use more than three hits to return any volley or serve. The fourth hit by any team will result in a dead ball and either a point for the other team (if the offending team is not on serve) or a loss of serve (if on serve).
  • While a team may return any volley or serve on the first hit, a serve may not be spiked back. Any live ball may be played off the net except for a serve, which will be ruled a dead ball upon hitting the net.
  • Any ball that hits a ceiling obstruction is a dead ball, resulting in a point for the other team (if the offending team is not on serve) or a loss of serve (if on serve).
  • Teams must rotate their players upon receiving the serve. There must be a setup of three players on the front line, with the other three playing in back.
How our double-loss elimination tournament is structured:
  • All student teams begin in the "Student Team Brackets" winners bracket (numbered games). After a team loses its first game, they will be move to the Losers’ Bracket (lettered games) to play against other teams that have also lost one game.
  • A second loss eliminates a team from the tournament.
  • The tournament championship will be a ONE GAME - WINNER TAKE ALL final between the Winners' Bracket finalist and the Losers' Bracket finalist. Tournament results will be announced, updated and displayed throughout the evening.
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