Fitness Letter

Dear Parents:

Health-related fitness has long been recognized by educators as an important factor in leading a happy and healthy life. The medical profession has long since recognized the importance of exercise and fitness, and its relationship to improving the quality of a person’s well-being. This is evidenced through the continued emphasis by way of the media.

Included on the next page(s) are the results from a health-related fitness test recently administered to your child by the Physical Education Department. These tests are designed to measure components of physical fitness that are indicative of an overall health status.

The components measured include:

  • Mile Run and 20 Meter Shuttle Run - A measure of cardiovascular endurance
  • Fitnessgram® Paced Curl-ups - A measure of abdominal strength and endurance
  • Sit and Reach - A measure of hamstring and lower back flexibility
  • Fitnessgram® Paced Push-ups - A measure of pectoral and back strength and endurance
  • Bicep Strength - A measure of bicep strength and endurance.

The implications of these tests are many.  Meeting the healthy standards for the mile run, would imply cardiovascular efficiency, along with a healthy heart and lungs. Strong abdominal muscles, adequate hamstring and lower back flexibility help to prevent chronic back problems.  Upper body strength is necessary for a healthy person to perform daily tasks; while the measures of height and weight assist in the reflection of overall body composition.

As physical educators, one of our goals is to help all of our students become healthy and physically fit. We urge you as parents to encourage your child to maintain or improve their level of fitness and track their progress through subsequent reports.


Thank you, 
The Brooklawn Health and Physical Education Department


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